Greetings to the Local Social Media Officers of the Sovereign Kingdom of Meridies!

I am THL Genevieve Alaiz d’Avignon the Social Media Officer. This page was created in an effort to make the quarterly reporting easier for all of us.

It is currently being hosted by the Shire of Phoenix Glade for testing purposes until it can be moved to the Kingdom Website. At that time, new links will be sent out to everyone.

Reports are due March 5th, June 5th, Sept 5th, and Dec 5th of each year.

Reporting dates are:

  • (1st Qtr) Dec-Feb due Mar 5th
  • (2nd Qtr) Mar-May due June 5th
  • (3rd) Qtr) Jun-Aug due Sept 5th
  • (4th Qtr) Sept-Nov due Dec 5th

Just fill out the form, submit it, and it will forward it to me. All of the information that is currently needed is on the form.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

THL Genevieve Alaiz d’Avignon