Lady Dedrie Turner 

Deputy LeAnna Refsdóttir 

The Minister of Children is responsible for fostering the education of the children of Meridies between the ages of 5 to 16 on medieval activities and the Society. They oversee the children’s activities at Local-level events.

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Lady Deedre Turner’s Biography

Lady Deedre is from the Scottish Highlands. She met a traveling bard form Ireland and married him. When she is not taking care of the children of our Shire or diligently working on Penfeathers, she occupies her time with learning many different things. Her interests though varied focus mostly on herbal studies, embroidery and weaving. She has taken up archery and likes live weapons throwing. Lady Deedre also loves to bake bread and make her own salt.

Lady Deedre went to her first event in The Kingdom of An Tir. Two years later in 2010 she joined the Society for Creative Anachronism in the Kingdom of Meridies. Deedre has been a member of the Shire of Ironstone and now she has found her home here in Phoenix Glade.

Office’s Held

Deputy Kingdom Minister of Children (Meridies)

Minister of Children (Shire of Phoenix Glade)

Minister of Children (Shire of Ironstone)

Minister of Arts and Sciences (Shire of Ironstone)


Award of Arms (AoA)

Order of the Cygnets Nest (CCN)


(The Official Newsletter for the Youth of  The Kingdom of Meridies)

Lady Dedrie is the editor of the children’s issue of Penfeathers.  Penfeathers is the official newsletter for the Youth of Meridies.


Penfeathers January 2019


Penfeathers-GulfWars 2019


Minister of Children Handbook

Waiver Form for Minors – Single or Family

Designated Adult In Charge of Unaccompanied Minor Form

Medical Authorization for Minors Form

Minor’s Consent to Participate and
Hold Harmless Agreement



Gulf Wars Page School

Meridies MOC Youth Activities

NOTICE: If an event is held within the State of Florida, the Medical Authorization for Minors form MUST be notarized. It must be filled out by the parent or guardian of the minor, signed, and notarized by a registered Notary Public before they arrive at the event. Copies of this form, duly executed, should be in the possession of the named minor, at least one adult named in the document and present at the event, one to be left at gate with the other registration paperwork, and one with the parent or guardian executing the Medical Authorization. For events held in other states within Meridies, notarization is not required.