Heart of the Phoenix

It is a Shire Level recognition and a statement of appreciation award given to the person that most inspires the populace with their continuing dedication and outstanding work.

This award was started in 2012 and is presented at the Shire Christmas Party each year. In addition to a scroll, the individual is also presented with a banner that is passed down from the previous award winner. Pictures are also taken with the new individual, along with previous winners.

2019 Lady Aine of Phoenix Glade
2018 Lord Johan Crispin
2017 Lord Raven Morlock
2016 2016 Recipient — THL Siobhan Love
(Susan Anderson). Siobhan passed away in 2017 in her sleep. All will truly miss her.
2015 THL Cordell of Phoenix Glade
2014 Baroness Brealthen De Raimes
2013 Sir Gunnar Isungr
2012 Lord Mathghamhain Beag (Peg)