SunDragon Scroll

SunDragon Scroll Presented by His Excellency Baron Gefroi of the Barony of SunDragon, Kingdom of Atenveldt, to the populace of Phoenix Glade.

For those that were not at Daggers and Hemlock this year, Baron Gefroi, the original Autocrat of the First Daggers and Hemlock, came to visit from his current home in Atenveldt.

The inscription reads as follows:

On behalf of Their Royal Majesties of the Solar Kingdom of Atenveldt, We Jacquelin and Gefroi, Baroness and Baron of Sundragon offer warm greetings to the Shire of Phoenix Glade and the Kingdom of Meridies. The Barony of SunDragon values service and chivalry above all things. The Shire of Phoenix Glade has since its founding been a beacon of those values and has always been welcoming and encouraging of newcomers and visitors. As former members of Phoenix Glade we have been well pleased with the accomplishments of the Phoenix Glade populace and of their warm reception of all who visit their lands. As such we hear by recognize Phoenix Glade as Our honorary adopted Shire and declare all of its populace under Our protection should they visit our great Kingdom. We further declare that all members of Phoenix Glade are welcome by Our fire and will be afforded all considerations as Our honored guests in the event they visit Our Lands.

Done by Our Hands this 12th day of August Anno Sociatatis LII being 2017 in the Common Era.

Jacqueline (Baroness)
Gefrio (Baron)