Are you new to the Society or are you looking for links to webpages for items that you use quite frequently.

Do you have links that you think would like to see posted here. Drop me line and let me know. This is what this page is for.

Local Groups


Barony of Oldenfeld (Tallahassee, FL)

Local Kingdoms

Officer Handbooks

Society Governing Docs

Organizational Handbook – including Corpora, By-Laws, Corporate Policy, and the Articles of Incorporation.

SCA Membership – Looking to either become a member or renew your current subscription.


Guilds of Meridies

Arts and Science

(I will try and group them based on the topic.)





Online Classes

Looking to take classes online but don’t know where. Or you want to learn more about what we do. Check out the following links.

SCA Structure and Administration

The Honorable Clover – A Facebook group dedicated to online learning for those that can not make it too events.