Baroness Catriona the Blind

The herald reports to the Beacon Herald and works with the Cypher Herald on submissions. The herald is responsible for:

  • Furthering heraldic activities within the group by actively assisting group members with help, when requested, designing heraldic devices and names.
  • Filing timely and accurate reports to the Beacon Herald and the group seneschal.
  • Processing heraldic submission forms in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Processing all financial transactions that arise from name and device submissions in a timely fashion.
  • Keeping accurate records of office activities, including submission and financial matters in accordance with policies and procedures set in Meridian Financial Policy.
  • Performing any ceremonial duties as defined by the kingdom and local laws and customs.

If you are interested in the position or to learn, please contact the Herald for further information..

She can be reach at the following Herald of Phoenix Glade at any time.