COVID-19 Policy Update

Dear Meridies,

The day has arrived. The map of Meridies has no red counties on the community risk map, and the vast majority are green, with a handful of yellow.…

In accordance with the guidelines of the CDC, the COVIDSafe vaccination/negative test requirement implemented by the SCA Board of Directors will be removed from all events, practices, meetings, and other gatherings.

This is effective immediately.

What does this mean for you, the populace? There is no requirement in ANY state to provide proof of vaccination or negative test to attend an event unless required by an event venue. We are no longer collecting signatures. All COVID restrictions are lifted and events may move to pre-pandemic norms.

For event staff, please remember that signage is still mandatory. If you have questions regarding this, or if you’ve forgotten the wording, reach out.

As always, anyone with questions or comments may email me at the seneschal email address.

I remain, as always, in Service to Meridies.