The Officers are the individuals that oversee certain aspects of the group and make sure that things run smoothly.

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Seneschal – Sir Brealthen de Raimes (President)





Knight Marshal – Lord Ullr (Sports Director)





Rapier Marshal –
Captain Niccolo Romero





Exchequer – Lady Andi Gyurcsanszky (Bookkeeper)





Arts and Science – Lady Asei Sanjourner (Education Department)





Chronicler – Lady Asei Sanjourner (Historian)





Herald – Vacant
(Research Department)





Chatelaine –Hinam Ínan bint Sufian





Minister of Children – LeAnna Refsdóttir (Children’s Education)





Webminister/Socal Media Officer – THLady Juliana verch Hoell (IT Department)/THL Rose Rennel