The Officers are the individuals that oversee certain aspects of the group and make sure that things run smoothly.

For additional information on each of the offices and their duties, click on the symbol.  

 Seneschal – Sir Alexander Britehelmstom (President)

Knights Marshal – Sevin the Red (Sports Director)

Rapier Marshal – Lord Marco Di Guihanni (Fencing)

Exchequer  –  Lady Dairenn ingen Laegaire (Bookkeeper)

Arts and Science  –  Lady Muirenn ingen Cheitt (Education Department)

Chronicler –  Lady Aesei (Historian)

Herald  –  Aine of Phoenix Glade (Research Department)

Chatelaine (Gold Key) — THLady Annabel Cruickshank (Newcomer Person/Hospitality)

Minister of Children –  Lady Deedre Turner (Children’s Education)

 Social Media – Baroness Cordell of Phoenix Glade

Webminister  –  Lady Juliana verch Hoell (IT Department)